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CREW Network: Membership Advantages

Posted by on Jan 6, 2014 in Austin, Commercial Real Estate, CREW Austin |

The end of the calendar year is always the most expensive time of the year for me, both personally and professionally.  Year end brings us back-to-back holidays, gifts for family, friends and clients, parties and get-togethers (never empty-handed), and then there’s the dues and membership renewals that really add up to a lot of moolah.  As we make our list of new year resolutions, and plans for the year ahead, one of the tasks I try to repeat is a recap of the previous year’s expenses and evaluation of wants vs. needs, with special attention to areas where I can be more effective with my precious dollars.

When it comes to CREW Network and CREW Austin, I don’t think twice about the NEED to renew my membership.  Compared to other commercial real estate organizations, CREW’s dues provide both national and local membership advantages.  The intrinsic value of membership, in my opinion, is two-fold:  1) Member-to-member business; and 2) Relationships.  On top of this, add in all of the resources provided by CREW Network, CREWBiz (that provides immediate access to almost 9,000 other professionals across the US and Canada), the incredible pool of talented members available in your own home town, and an incredibly fun and easy way to network with like-minded women and men at monthly luncheons, annual programs like UCREW and CREW Careers, and other member-only meetings and events.

I have been a part of CREW Network and CREW Austin since mid-year 2004, very quickly becoming an active part of the leadership ladder, and as a past-president continue to enjoy staying active among the next group of leaders as they learn and grow together.  This year’s officers and board of directors, led by Sarah Scott, the 2014 chapter president, will continue to keep the goal of supporting women in commercial real estate as the focus.  All goals and paths lead to the success of each of its members.

The beautiful thing about CREW is that it is such a natural way for professional women and men to get to know each other, and share and refer work to and with each other.  Networking can be a scary word for so many – but not with CREW!  If you have volunteered to serve on a committee, you know what I am talking about.  The camaraderie is natural, simple and leads to some great business relationships.  If you haven’t yet chosen a committee to work on, don’t hesitate – teamwork is a vital way to hone your own skills, learn the ropes of CREW, and climb that leadership ladder for yourself.  And, it’s a great way to get to know your fellow committee members and what they do… and for them to get to know YOU and what YOU can offer them.  It’s no secret that you have an ulterior motive for your participation in a networking organization; now take advantage of your membership!

CREW Network exists to influence the success of the commercial real estate industry by advancing the achievements of women.   For more information,