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Why you should join Central Texas Commercial Association of REALTORS®

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An interview with Eric Layne, CCIM, 2014 CTCAR Chapter President

By Rosalie G. Keszler, CCIM

January 2014 – As many licensed commercial real estate professionals have or will renew their memberships in networking organizations for 2014, the question arose by a colleague, “What are the benefits of joining CTCAR?”  So, I went to the 2014 chapter president, Eric Layne, to find out.

Keszler:   Central Texas Commercial Association of REALTORS® (“CTCAR”) describes itself as the only professional trade organization in Central Texas designed exclusively for all commercial real estate professionals.  What does this mean?

Layne:     CTCAR is the commercial real estate board for 26 counties in Central Texas recognized by the National Association of REALTORS®. CTCAR’s membership is made up of Texas real estate license holders who desire to practice commercial real estate brokerage rather than residential brokerage.

Keszler:   CTCAR’s members must be licensed real estate professionals, with either a broker or salesperson license.  Can a licensee with a salesperson license become a member of CTCAR if their sponsoring broker is not a member?

Layne:     No, the sponsoring broker by State of Texas law is responsible for the legal and ethical practices of those he or she sponsors. CTCAR takes that responsibility a step further by affiliating with the Texas and National Associations of REALTORS® and adopting the Code of Ethics promulgated by all members of their associations. The sponsoring broker leads by example. Not all brokers are members of these associations; membership is a matter of good business practice.


Keszler:   As a REALTOR®, what other membership is included with your CTCAR annual membership?

Layne:     CTCAR REALTOR® members enjoy membership in NAR and TAR. REALTOR® is a licensed trademark of the National Association of REALTORS®.


Keszler:   What would you say is the primary benefit of membership in CTCAR?

Layne:     The primary benefit of REALTOR® membership in CTCAR is that all the benefits of NAR, TAR, and CTCAR are fully available to its members. The active commercial broker realizes savings in the operation of their own services that often out weigh the cost of membership.


  • NAR benefits include:
    • Discounts for Office supplies and technological services;
    • Hotel and Rental car discounts;
    • A National Commercial Listing service called in early 2014;
    • REALTORS® Property Resource-147 million property records;
    • Federal legislation lobbying; NAR is the nation’s largest contributor to federal candidates; and more.
  • TAR benefits include:
    • EXCLUSIVE access to more than 50 commercial real estate forms and contracts prepared for use in Texas by membership of the Texas Association of REALTORS®.  However, non-members using these forms are subject to copyright infringement with penalties that cost far more than membership;
    • Free legal advice through TAR’s staff and volunteer attorneys simple by a phone call;
    • State lobbying and contributions to statewide candidates through TREPAC
  • CTCAR benefits include:
    • Members of CTCAR can purchase, at a discount, the services of a fully researched commercial property availability survey through Xceligent;
    • The member can list all of his/her listings on the site plus have full access to  the same information in other cities using the Xceligent system;
    • The Xceligent system will also upload your information into the national data base of NAR Commercial;
    • Opportunities to meet and get to know other with commercial brokers through CTCAR sponsored luncheons, property exchanges, commercial real estate courses, and social events;
    • CTCAR’s volunteer members also participate in the development of MCE credited courses designed for commercial brokers and sales people;
    • Discover opportunities to achieve REALTOR® designations that reflect your qualifications;
    • CTCAR is the Commercial Real Estate Board for 26 counties in Central Texas recognized by the National Association of REALTORS®.


Keszler:   Other commercial real estate organizations, such as CCIM, require its members to maintain membership in NAR.  What is the difference between NAR and TAR membership?

Layne:     NAR membership does not automatically include TAR membership; these are separate levels.  TAR is specific to the state of Texas and provides additional benefits and resources to NAR.


Keszler:   TAR provides commercial transaction forms to its members, and since CTCAR requires membership in TAR also, its members have exclusive access to these commercial forms.  What types of forms are provided?

Layne:    Of the 144 legal forms available to TAR members, 37 forms are exclusively for commercial use. An additional 14 legal forms are for both residential and commercial. Thus 61 % of the forms available to TAR members have commercial implication.


Keszler:    Can non-TAR members utilize the TAR commercial forms?

Layne:      No, non-TAR members are not allowed to use these forms.  Penalties can be assessed by TAR. Typically a cease and desist order will be sent to the offending non-member.  A civil violation of the US Copyright infringement carries fees of $750 to $30,000 per infringement.  If a violator is charged under willful misconduct, the maximum fine is $150,000 per infringement.  The forms are specific to the CTCAR member and traceable to them.


CTCAR wants to be the go-to organization that is talking about what’s coming and how to be prepared.  In addition to special events like the annual symposium and the Power Cruz, CTCAR offers monthly MCE classes, its “PIE” breakfast on the 2nd Thursday of every month at Chez Zee, and luncheons held quarterly.   For more information,